Paid in Full Capital Campaign, 2016-2019

The Campaign at a Glance

Debt elimination
To free our church to pursue other ministry opportunities

Progress Tracker
Goal: $1,000,000


$933,000 Committed, $944,719 Received As of November 2018

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Campaign Case Statement

I walk into this building and I am in awe. This is church. God is here in the preaching of Christ crucified, who paid our debt in full.

St. John’s is home. Some of us have seen grandparents buried and grandchildren baptized here. Some have just arrived and are only beginning to appreciate the richness of our heritage. The Lord has blessed us with a wonderful place, this home of ours.

Our legacy at St. John’s is rich, but we’re burdened with debt. That burden weighs us down, limits our options, and keeps us from moving forward.

Paying off the debt will free us to do more of what we do best: teach the faith, preach God’s Word, and advance God’s mission in the capital city and to the far corners of the globe. Together, we can work to keep St. John’s vibrant for generations to come. Let’s leave the debt behind, so we can move ahead—paid in full!