Coronavirus Update: Devotions for Home

Orders of prayer

LSB, pp. 282-289, 294-298

Portals of Prayer also contains a short order of prayer in the front of the volume, along with additional prayers in the back.

St. John's is also able to make available to you LSB pp. 282-289, 294-298 if you need additional copies; just write and we can send those to you either electronically or via USPS.

Devotions, meditations, sermons, and the like

Portals of Prayer has readings from Scripture along with a short devotion and very short prayer for every day of the week.

Memorial Moments comes to your email inbox M-F and has a Scripture reading, a reading from the Church Fathers (ancient and Reformation-Era), along with a devotion and a prayer guide. If you're interested in receiving Memorial Moments please write to, and we'll forward the latest one we've received to you so can click the Subscribe link.

Pr. Will Weedon hosts the devotional "The Word of the Lord Endures Forever" on Issues, Etc. For more information go to:

Lambs at Pasture: Daily Devotions for the Family maps over the historic lectionary (the one we use at St. John's) and is designed for family use:

Call or write to receive Gospel Notes, a weekly study guide to prepare for the readings from Scripture for the coming; you can also cut out the middle man and sign up on your own:

During the COVID-19 restrictions, we'll also do our best to maintain our Sermons page at St. John's. Sermons generally appear within 24 hours of having been preached and can either be read or listened to: If you subscribe to the Podcast [Apple Podcasts] [General Feed] on that page you will have access not just to the last 8 sermons, but to sermons preached at St. John's over many years.

Bible Studies online

St. John's keeps a certain number of recent Sound Words Academy Bible Studies online at As with the sermon, by subscribing to the Podcast [General Feed] you'll have access to more.

The Plucked Chicken is our very own Pastors Bruss and Kerns with a guest every once and again: Pick a title that interests you and tune in.

Issues, Etc., is also a wonderful resource with pieces that range from the devotions to news of interest to Lutherans across myriad topics. If Issues, Etc. hasn't yet been added to your regular podcast list, check it out:

A final note. Caveat lector/auditor:

"Let the reader/listener beware!" Not all devotional and religious resources are the same. Above, we're giving what we think is the best out there. While there are additional good Lutheran resources, most of what's out there is, frankly, spiritual poison. If you're using something that we haven't listed here, please feel free to contact or if you'd like our evaluation.

"For I am certain that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus." (Romans 8.38-39)

For more information from The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, check out the COVID-19 resource page at