Junior Lutherans

Lutherans love their formal catechetical instruction, but why not start earlier, involve parents, introduce competition and have fun?

Junior Lutherans is an activity for children ages 4-11 focused on building their knowledge of the Bible and highlighting the Lutheran difference. Junior Lutherans assists heads of the household in fulfilling their vocation to teach the Christian faith to their children, and it places in the minds and hearts of our children a great deal of knowledge that can be built upon in formal catechesis.


First, children and their parents (parents are key to success with this!) work on memorizing questions and their answers. These are simple questions, with many answers containing only one word (e.g., “How many books are in the New Testament?” “What language is the New Testament written in?”) Children then come together and practice what they’ve learned at home, quizzing each other. Finally, at a competitive match with other Junior Lutherans in Kansas, they quiz—bringing home ribbons, trophies, and their ever-improving Biblical literacy/command of doctrine. Once these quizzers enter catechesis class, they know the Small Catechism like the back of their hand.

For more information (parents, pastors, youth leaders), contact the church office.