Event Inquiries


Baptism is a monumental event in the life of a Christian, marking the death of the Old Adam and the birth of the New. When people ask, “When were you saved?” the Lutheran answer is, “On the day I was baptized.”

At St. John’s, we believe, teach, and confess that baptism is for everyone, infants included. The rite demands no special understanding. It’s not a work on our part but rather God’s work on our behalf.

We welcome anyone who wishes to be baptized—whether an adult, child, or infant presented by his or her parents—to speak with one of our pastors.

If you’re having a child baptized, you’ll be asked to choose baptismal sponsors, who are typically present at the baptism. You should give serious thought to this choice, as sponsors serve as spiritual guides for your child, aiding you in teaching the child the faith. Every effort should be made to choose sponsors who are active members in a church that shares the confession of this congregation.


If you’ve lost a loved one who was a member of St. John’s, please notify a pastor as soon as possible. The pastors are here to give you the support you need, and that includes planning a Christian funeral service.

After notifying the pastor, you’ll receive details about funeral services at St. John’s. A key point to keep in mind: Funeral services at St. John’s are part of regular worship at the church. As such, the pastors will plan the funeral services, in consultation with the family. If you have suggestions about favorite hymns from the Lutheran Service Book or particular details of your loved one’s life that you’d like mentioned in the service, share those with the pastor.

There are no eulogies during the service, and hymns and solos are carefully selected to be consistent with regular worship at St. John’s. Although the funeral is held on the occasion of a particular person’s death, everything in the funeral service is designed to point to Christ and His saving grace—grace for the deceased, and grace for all those gathered to remember him or her.


Planning a wedding? Congratulations! If you’re thinking of having your ceremony at St. John’s, here are a few things to keep in mind.

We’re here to help. Early in the process, contact the church office for our wedding pack—a packet of information regarding your wedding. Once you’ve filled out the form requesting a wedding at St. John’s and returned it to the office, one of our pastors will be in touch with you. He’ll help you get started on preparations, including arranging pre-marital counseling and planning the service.

Marriage preparation is essential. Marriage is intended to be a life-long union, blessed by God. To build a firm foundation for that lasting relationship—a foundation that prioritizes growing together in faith in Christ through His Word and Sacrament— couples getting married at St. John’s meet with their pastor in a series of pre-marital counseling sessions, scheduled at a time that works for the pastor and couple.

Weddings at St. John’s are a form of worship. Marriage ceremonies at St. John’s are religious rites, conducted in a manner consistent with Lutheran teaching and practice. (For more on our wedding policies, click here.)

  • To be married at St. John’s, at least one member of the couple must be an active member of St. John’s. (Occasionally, exceptions have been made for members of other LCMS congregations with special circumstances, but such exceptions are uncommon).
  • As a general practice, weddings officiated by St. John’s pastors are held at the church, not at other locations.
  • Weddings at St. John’s can include non-member participants (e.g., officiants, musicians, readers), but those participants must be approved by the pastor at St. John’s in accord with our doctrine and practice.
  • The content of the service, including hymns and readings, should be consistent with Lutheran worship at St. John’s. The pastor, in consultation with the wedding couple, will plan the service; once the planning has been finalized, the wedding couple is responsible for producing the programs for the wedding.

Other Events

The facilities at St. John’s are occasionally used for events such as graduation receptions, family reunions, recreation, and special programs. Please call or email the church office with inquiries about using our facility.