“Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world!”

—Martin Luther—

Music enhances worship at St. John’s in many ways; it sets a tone, beautifies, guides, and teaches. As we all “sing the faith,” God’s teachings are firmly etched in our memory. 

If you have musical talents you’d like to share in any of the areas below, please contact Kantor Bethany Johnson. If you’re interested in taking lessons, check out St. John’s Music Academy.


All worship services at St. John’s are accompanied by a large pipe organ that was installed in 1979. This beautiful 2025-pipe instrument is used not only for services at St. John’s but also for organ concerts. St. John’s is blessed to have a number of talented organists, both on staff and in the congregation.

Choirs/Vocal Performance

St. John’s has three voice choirs, the Kantorei (adults and high school youth), the Sunday School Choir (children), and the Rhythm of Faith Choir (children attending the Sound Words Academy on Wednesday evenings). Vocalists can also share their talents through solos, duets, and small group performances.

Instrumental Music

In addition to the voice choirs, St. John’s also has a handbell choir, Ecclesia Bells (adults and high school youth).

Individual instrumentalists also enhance our worship by accompanying other groups (e.g., piano, trumpet) or through solo or group pieces (e.g., string quartet). Members who are interested in sharing their instrumental talents are encouraged to contact the church.