Pastors of St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church


Pastors of the preaching station that led to the formation of St. John’s

    1872-1873 Pastor Heinrich Christoph Senne of Alma, Kansas
    1873-1874 Pastor P. F. Germann of Cottonwood Falls, Kansas

Pastors serving St. John’s

The pastors who are numbered and whose names are in bold print were called pastors of the congregation
1. 1874-1876 Pastor P. F. Germann (continued), now of Topeka
  1876-1876 Student August Biewend of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri
2. 1876-1877 Pastor W. A. Weissmann (of the Ohio Synod)
  1877-1879 Vacancy Pastor Friedrich Wilhelm Mueller of Cottonwood Falls, Kansas
  1878-1878 Student D. Stemmermann, as vicar for Pastor F. W. Mueller
3. 1879-1889 Pastor Friedrich Pennekamp
  1889-1889 Vacancy Pastor F. W. John of Kansas City
4. 1889-1897 Pastor Carl Friedrich Graebner
  1897-1897 Vacancy Pastor C. Vetter of Atchison, Kansas
5. 1897-1905 Pastor H. Friedrich Eggert
6. 1905-1907 Pastor Theodore Bundenthal
  1907-1907 Vacancy Pastor Friedrich Wilhelm Pennekamp
7. 1907-1930 Pastor Peter Dietrich Mueller
8. 1927-1930 Pastor Theodor Heinrich Mueller, son of the preceding
9. 1930-1954 Pastor George John William Hoyer
10. 1954-1978 Pastor Julius Godfrey Jacobsen (died in office)
  1978-1979 Vacancy Pastor Justin J. Burns, Jr., of Topeka
11. 1979-1999 Pastor Theodore Louis Staudacher, Senior Pastor
12. 1980-2018 Pastor Roger Melvin Goetz, Minister of Music (Assistant Pastor, 1980-1993; Associate Pastor, 1993-2018)
13. 1998-2016 Pastor Glenn Ray Bitter, Visitation Pastor
14. 1999-2015 Pastor Peter Kristoff Lange, Senior Pastor (Elected Kansas District President in 2015)
15. 2003-2006 Pastor Christopher Barry Stoltz, Kantor
16. 2007-2011 Pastor Thomas Clinton Stark, Associate Pastor
17. 2013-2022 Pastor J.S. Bruss, Assistant Pastor (2013-2015), Senior Pastor (2015-2022 )
18. 2016-2022 Pastor D.M. Kerns, Associate Pastor
19. 2022- Pastor Boyd Andrew Wright, Senior Pastor
20. 2023- Pastor Nicholas Ray Belcher, Associate Pastor