Teachers of St. John’s Lutheran School

St. John’s Lutheran Church had its own parish school from the founding of the congregation through 1952. The school was conducted in the church building at Second and Van Buren until 1885, when a separate building was built facing Van Buren Street. A room was added in 1888.

In the course of time, the school building became inadequate and the congregation took steps to acquire a modern school. In 1919, three lots were purchased at Fourth and Harrison for the sum of $4,400 which is equivalent to about $57,000 in 2006. On October 29, 1922, the new school was dedicated. It cost about $21,000 which is equivalent to about $229,000 in 2006.

A third classroom was utilized in 1943, and a fourth classroom in 1944. A fifth classroom became necessary in 1948. Bus service was begun and a hot-lunch program was put into effect. Once again, the school became too small to accommodate the children wanting entrance.

In 1949, St. John’s bought a large plot of ground at Seventh and Roosevelt for a cost of about $19,000 which is equivalent to some $154,000 in 2006. The architect firm of Greist and Ekdahl was engaged to draft plans for a new school. At St. John’s invitation, St. John’s and her daughter congregations, St. Paul’s, Faith, and Hope, formed the Lutheran School Association of Topeka to which St. John’s donated the property at Seventh and Roosevelt. The Association was formally organized on July 3, 1951. Plans for the new school building were accepted by the Association and the general contract was awarded to David Keller. Building operations began early in the fall of 1951. The completed building for Topeka Lutheran School was dedicated to the glory of God on September 7, 1952. Thus, in the fall of 1952, St. John’s Lutheran School ceased to exist and the building was sold. For a time it became a place where ballet was taught and later was remodeled as an apartment building with the name Johannes Arms, the name “Johannes” being the name of St. John’s in the German language.

Those who taught in St. John’s Lutheran School (and a few also in Topeka Lutheran School) are given here:

1. 1874-1876 Pastor P. F. Germann
2. 1876-1876 Seminary Student August Biewend
3. 1876-1877 Pastor W. A. Weissmann
4. 1877-1878 unknown (perhaps Alexander Vogel)
5. 1878-1879 Vicar D. Stemmermann
6. 1879-1889 Vacancy Pastor Friedrich Wilhelm Pennekamp
7. 1884-1885 Teachers Seminary Student Jacob Rass
8. 1885-1888 Wilhelm Wassmann
9. 1888-1889 Seminary Student August Hemann
10. 1889-1892 Pastor Carl Friedrich Graebner
11. 1889-1929 Wilhelm Heinrich Steinkamp, principal
12. 1892-1894 Martin Militzer
13. 1895-1898? Susanna Schneemeyer
14. 1898?-1901 Katharina Schneemeyer
15. 1901-1901 Johanna Schaefer (left to marry Pastor A. Schmid)
16. 1901-1904 Florence E. Weber (later Mrs. Robert A. Jacobs)
17. 1904-1909 Ida Vesper
18. 1909-1911 J. A. Louis Kanke
19. 1911-1922 Ida Senne
20. 1922-1924 Henry E. Albrecht
21. 1924-1925 Elsie Lewrenz
22. 1925-1927 Paula Meier
23. 1927-1930 Pastor Theodore H. Mueller
24. 1929-1929 Mrs. F. A. (Louise) Eggert
25. 1929-1942 W. J. Braun, principal
26. 1930-1931 Ida Senne (again)
27. 1931-1934 Florence Zeckser (later Mrs. Florence Henderson)
28. 1934-1935 William Nickel
29. 1935-1936 Cecelia Senne
30. 1936-1938 Ruth Scheer
31. 1938-1960 Clara Belz (acting principal, 1942-1943)
32. 1942-1943 Seminary Student Elden Martens
33. 1943-1944 Carl F. Wisch, principal
34. 1943-1947 C. A. Buescher (assigned to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church)
35. 1944-1967 Gotthold G. Grefe, principal
36. 1945-1947 Ellen Hoyer (daughter of Pastor George Hoyer)
37. 1947-1947 Mrs. Victor Hafner (wife of the pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church)
38. 1947-1952 Dearle C. Schatz (assigned to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church)
39. 1947-1948 Ruth Eulert
40. 1948-1952 Wilma Behrens
41. 1948-1949 Vicar Henry C. Abram
42. 1950-1941 Vicar Arthur A. Ledebuhr
43. 1950-1951 Vicar Milton Hofner
44. 1951-1952 Vicar Curtis Huber