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Welcome, Washburn Students!

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St. John’s is home to the LCMS U campus ministry for Washburn University in Topeka. If you’re looking for a church to call home while you’re a student, please join us! (And if you have questions about spiritual matters, big or small, get in touch. We’re here for that, too.)

We’ve listed a few resources on this page to get you started, including a description of our Wednesday evening College Students and Young Adults class. The group meets as part of our Sound Words Academy, which offers a 5 p.m. dinner, 7 p.m. worship service, and classes throughout the evening.


“Finding a faithful and active church has played a pivotal role in my college experience. At St. John’s, I found a church full of loving, caring, and confessional people, led by pastors with the same attributes. All of the worship and fellowship opportunities have brought me back each Sunday as well as Wednesday nights for classes and services, and the connections I’ve made will last for the rest of my life.” Josh Brandmahl, WU Senior

You are Invited to Join Us!

Spring 2018 Class

  • College Students and Young Adults Class | Wednesday Evenings

  • Spring 2018 Class Sound Words College Class
  • Sharpening Our Discernment Skills (17 January – 9 May, 7:45-8:40 p.m.; Pr. Kerns)

  • We will watch various non-Lutheran pastors who deal with the topics of the Lord’s Supper and Baptism pausing to test and see if what they teach accords with sound words. This will allow us to be better equipped to spot false teaching.

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